A comparison of Australian and New Zealand forest health and biosecurity systems

Angus Carnegie (NSWDPI) attended the annual NZ Forest Biosecurity Workshop in Rotorua in February, which featured presentations from key industry, government biosecurity and science leaders. This webinar summarises the key messages from these workshop presentations, and compares the NZ biosecurity system with Australia's. It identifies some options for the Australian forest industry to consider to reduce the risk, and improve management, of biosecurity threats.

Dr Angus Carnegie is a Principal Research Scientist with NSW DPI with over 20 years experience in forest health and biosecurity. He manages and conducts forest health surveillance of hardwood and softwood plantations, and is involved in management of key pests and diseases, including biological control and silvicultural options. He is Chair of the newly formed Forest Health & Biosecurity Subcommittee (AFPA Resources Chamber), and has been, and continues to be, involved in forest biosecurity responses in Australia. 

Supporting Documents:

  1. NZ_Forest_Biosecurity_Workshop_Briefing_Note.pdf
  2. FBCC_agenda_Feb2015.pdf  
  3. Biosecurity Manual for Plantation Timbers - Plant Health Australia

PowerPoint Presentation