A first for remote operated logging machines

Caterpillar has developed forestry machines that are controlled remotely. This research should ultimately pave the way for wider applications of the technology in the logging industry in order to increase operator safety.

Although remote operation has been used in Cat mining and construction equipment in the past, this is the first use of the technology with Cat forestry equipment.

For this logging project, the machine operators sit in a nearby office and operated the equipment via laptop computer and operator controls. The remote operator has several video screens to observe the work and controls the machine as if he was seated in the cab. The cameras can zoom and pan over an area if additional visibility is needed. In addition, the site is constantly monitored using aerial drones that provide a bird’s-eye view of the work zone in high definition video, allowing operators to be aware of obstacles beyond the vision of the onboard cameras.

Aside from using remote controlled machines to mitigate hazardous work environments, the technology should have wider application for the forestry industry. 

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Image Credit: FIEA