A Manual for Decorative Wood Veneering Technology

Using decorative veneers and veneered panels in high value appearance wood products allows a small volume of timber to be extended substantially and enables furniture, cabinet and joinery manufacturers to accomplish designs that would be impossible or very expensive and difficult to create with solid wood.

In order to help manufacturers create the best products, this project has developed an up-to-date technical manual that details the best veneering procedures to ensure the production of top quality veneered products. The manual is an update of the first edition (reference number PN01.1600) released in 2003. It covers all aspects of the veneering process, including the requirements for decorative veneers, substrate materials, glues and finishes, manufacturing procedures, storage and handling, the environmental benefits of natural timber veneers, typical problems related to veneered products and their prevention, and quality control in the production of decorative veneered products.

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