Advisory Groups

FWPA encourages members to contribute to members to contribute to the future of our industry by joining our Industry Advisory Groups and Interest Groups. These inclusive groups improve communication, identify valuable investment opportunities and identify issues or gaps we can help address with funding, contacts or other assistance. 

Industry Advisory Groups – groups open to directors or employees of any FWPA voting members which meet at least once a year to help rank and prioritise activities, offer direction regarding investments and provide member input. There are five Industry Advisory Groups, one for each of FWPA’s outcome-driven programs.

Interest Groups – groups of five or more members, and other interested stakeholders such as researchers, working together on a common issue whether region, species or product-specific. Interest Groups are encouraged to develop investment proposals to help advance industry, whether by expanding markets, doing new research or other promotional activity.

See here to view meeting notes from the first Industry Advisory Group meeting.