An accurate and fast method for moisture content determination

Moisture content is an important quality parameter of wood chips, strongly influencing the net calorific value as received, and consequently the price of fuel chips. 

The oven-drying method is the current standard for determining moisture content, however the process can take too long give useful results. A fast and reliable method for determining moisture content would therefore be valuable. 

The Metso MR Moisture Analyzer (Metso), which measures moisture content by means of magnetic resonance, was compared with the oven-drying method. Moisture content measurements were carried out using one machine in Sweden and one in Canada for a total of six different biomass materials. 

The relative precision in determining moisture content and the short measurement time makes the magnetic resonance option very appealing especially upon receival on-site at shipping terminals, pulp mills and heating plants. Further investigation is needed to develop processes or techniques to better handle frozen samples using magnetic resonance. 

Click here for source (International Journal of Forest Engineering)