Analysis of long term productivity and productive capacity of a radiata pine plantation on infertile fine textured soils

This long term study measured changes in productivity, productive capacity, carbon accumulation and hydrology in pine (Pinus radiata) plantation sites from the 1960s and 1970s to the present. 

Plots analysed in the first rotation in 1961 were re-measured in the subsequent rotations. Where no significant quantities of fertilizer nutrients were applied, the second rotation productivity was lower than the first by 5-8%. Where significant quantities of phosphatic fertilizer had been applied in the second rotation, productivity in the second rotation was higher than the first by more than 30%, and had a residual effect on productivity into the third rotation. 

The mature pine plantation accumulated 2.14 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year between ages 42 and 55 years, most of this was in the vegetation. The subsequent rotation accumulated carbon at a rate of 5.5 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year in the first 12 years. 

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