Araucaria Sector Research – 3-Year Program

During the late 1990s, the Araucaria industry sector established a joint industry/government working group to promote and reposition plantation-grown Araucaria cunninghamii in both domestic and export markets. The initial program of R&D, known as the ‘two-year project’ (Forest & Wood Products Research & Development Corporation FWPRDC PN00.1900) was managed by the Queensland Forestry Research Institute (QFRI) during the period January 2000 to July 2002. Timber Queensland managed a second program of R&D activities, funded through the FWPRDC and Department of Primary Industries Forestry and known as the ‘three-year’ project (FWPRDC PN01.1901). Work on the three-year projects commenced in June 2001 and concluded in 2004.

An industry forum was held in Brisbane in July 2002 to inform interested parties of the results determined during the two-year project and included presentations on preliminary results from the three-year projects. A second Araucaria R&D Forum was held in Brisbane in September 2004 to enable presentations and discussions on the final results of the three-year program activities.

This document provides summaries for components of the research presented at the second Araucaria R&D Forum held in Brisbane in September 2004. This summary report includes a CD with copies of the full milestone reports as distributed to stakeholders during the term of the program.

Findings Report: