Capturing the essence of forestry

Over the last two months, FWPA has been developing concepts for its 2019 consumer advertising campaign, which will reinforce the position of wood being ‘The Ultimate Renewable’.

FWPA’s consumer marketing activities are strongly grounded in exhaustive consumer research.

To identify a new direction for our TV advertising, a broad range of concepts were screened through consumer focus groups.

The first round of concept evaluation identified a short-list of potential concepts. Those incorporating forest growing or production were then further refined in order to understand how the ideas of ‘replanting’ and ‘growing’ might affect perceptions of the campaign. 

As part of the additional research, focus groups were organised in Melbourne and Sydney to understand how the inclusion of this message might support the broader concept of forestry or wood as ‘The Ultimate Renewable’. This tagline is already being used in communications by industry stakeholders and has met with favourable reception in previous workshops.

The focus groups were run in four sub-groups. Their composition included people who have a positive attitude about the role of wood in tackling climate change and about harvesting; and also people who have a positive attitude about the role of wood in tackling climate change, but have negative views about harvesting.

This disciplined process has led to the winning idea of a TV commercial that juxtaposes wood, replanting with other renewables. 

Production of the new commercial will start shortly and will be launched to industry over coming months.