Carbon stocks and flows in native forests and harvested wood products in SE Australia

Presented by Mr Fabiano Ximenes, NSW Department of Primary Industries on Wednesday 17th February

This presentation reports the results of a recently published  FWPA funded project that assessed the true balance of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted and stored in native forests managed for both production and conservation in NSW and Victoria. 

Utilising a new model called ForestHWP, it considered all the key elements of the carbon cycle in forests and in harvested wood products (HWPs), including carbon stored in HWPs in landfills and product substitution impacts (for HWP and use of biomass for bio-energy).

Fabiano Ximenes has been working as a researcher for the NSW Government for the last 15 years, firstly with the State Forests of NSW and then with the NSW Dept. of Primary Industries. Fabiano has a Bachelor of Forestry from the University of Brasilia, Brazil, and a Masters in Wood Science from the Australian National University.

See Powerpoint Presentation