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FWPA’s video resources include interviews and news story on discovery and innovation in the industry. Topics include genomics, climate change, biosecurity, remote sensing, wood modification technologies and much more.

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WoodSolutions™ Videos

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WoodSolutions seminars, webinars, presentations and educational videos cover a wide range of topics related to designing and building with wood and wood products. 

Previously covered topics include the design of Mid-rise Timber Apartment Buildings, Mass Timber in Commercial and Multi-Residential, engineered wood products, exterior timber design, timber framing and flooring, structural solutions, timber systems and much more! 



The Ultimate Renewable™ Videos

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From the science of growing seedlings that will grow better and produce superior wood, through all the phases of forest management to harvesting, timber processing and finally building or making something – there’s so much involved in the forest and wood products industry.

On this page, you’ll discover a growing selection of videos from Andrew Hart and Nick Duigan, the team that delivers the popular Going Bush series on Channel 7. Plus, you'll find a selection of promotional videos, made in conjunction with Planet Ark's Make it Wood, presented by award-winning architect and host of Grand Designs Australia, Peter Maddison.

If you're in the forest and wood products industry, or a user of The Ultimate Renewable™ logo and would like to use any of these videos, please contact us or visit theultimaterenewableonlinestore.com.au to directly download a selection of videos.  

If you’re a teacher, or a student, and would like access to more information and free educational materials, aligned to the Australian schools’ curriculum, please visit ForestLearning.edu.au.

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