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Current Statutory Funding Agreement & Best Practice Guide to Stakeholder Consultation

Click here for the Statutory Funding Contract 2021 - 2031

Click here for the Best Practice Guide to Stakeholder Consultation

Click here for the Benefit Assessment & Reporting Plan

Click here for the Consultation Plan

The Ultimate Renewable™ Partner Program

A complementary activity to the media and promotional activities, The Ultimate Renewable™ Partner Program aims to involve and support the industry.

The benefits of the Partner Program

In addition to the broad industry benefit of spreading the key messages about the advantages of using forest and wood products, Program Partners can strengthen their own marketing. As a Partner they are entitled to use The Ultimate Renewable™ brand on their communications and they can access a wide range of free and attractively priced promotional materials.

Join 1000+ industry members

More than 1200 companies and organisations have joined the Partner Program. Members range from TAFEs and government departments to major industry participants, small businesses and sole traders. If you are in the forest and wood products industry and would like to know more about becoming a Program Partner, please click the link below.

Join the partner program here

The Ultimate Renewable™

The Ultimate Renewable™ is an industry campaign to promote the sustainability and environmental advantages of Australia's forest and wood products industry.

As environmental issues become increasingly important to Australian businesses and consumers, it is important that the forest and wood products industry unites behind a single, strong environmental brand - The Ultimate Renewable™.

Chosen after an extensive research process involving both industry members and consumers, The Ultimate Renewable™ positions the industry as bringing benefits to the environment and tackling climate change.


Variations of the logo have been created for use by different sectors.

At The Ultimate Renewable™ website you can register for access to the logos in different formats (pdf, eps (black), eps (CMYK), jpg, png) and a copy of The Ultimate Renewable™ Brand Usage Guide.

Please follow the instructions in the Brand Usage Guide when using the logos or writing about The Ultimate Renewable™.

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WHSS Committee Strategy


With support and oversight from the FISM, the Growers Chamber WHSS Committee are able to commit to implementation of our 3-year strategy.


The Strategy aims to drive initiatives and improvements to enhance workplace health and safety within the forestry sector.


See our ‘Strategy on a page’ here.


Our Strategy, and annual work plans focus on: