Commercialisation of cellulosic nanomaterial

The U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities has announced a Request for Proposals to advance the commercialisation of cellulosic nanomaterial through P3Nano  a public-private partnership founded with the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory. The partnership has dedicated about $3 million to fund proposals that rapidly advance the commercialisation of this promising technology through application in green products of the future. P3Nano will accept proposals from any qualified individual, university, company, or research organisation.

Cellulose nano crystals and fibrils are simply natural structural building units that are abundant, renewable, sustainable, and originate from trees. Materials at the nanoscale possess unique properties and can facilitate the development of new, high-value products such as: packaging, automotive components, paper and paperboard, cement, polymer composites, medical applications, defense applications, electronics, and aircraft components. 

Cellulosic nanomaterial has the potential to create additional demand for wood-based products and open markets for low value wood generated from forest restoration efforts. Expanding and healthy forest product markets help keep forests as forests while helping to ensure their health.

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Image credit: Wikipedia