Completed and New Projects – Sept 2015

FWPA’s RD&E program invests in projects in three areas of Market Access and Development, Wood Products and Sustainability & Resources. 

The projects and their resultant outcomes are published on the FWPA website. Listed below are some recently completed projects and their associated links.

Completed Projects

 Project Numbers  Project Title
PRA344-1415 Life Cycle Assessment of a 5 Storey Residential Building in Parkville 
PRA350-1415 Review of new and emerging international wood modification technologies 
PNC209-1011 Genetic Selection Tools for Enhanced Wood Properties and Plantation Productivity in Australia's Temperate Eucalypts (The Hottest 1000) 

New Projects

Project (Research Provider)  FWPA invests Total budget
Thought leadership for Forest Industry Council (Ernst & Young) 68,600 68,600
Development of an FWPA Research and Development Investment Plan for hardwood products: performance, yield and market  opportunities (CSAW) 25,000 25,000
Evaluating the costs and benefits of managing new and existing biosecurity threats to Australia’s plantation industry (USC) 60,000 146,524
Discovery and application of DNA markers for resistance to Teratosphaeria in E. globulus. (Gondwana Genomics)
Strength verification of MDF products and fitness for purpose in structural applications (USC) 91,970 334,900
Wood works field force study (Frog N Wood Communications) 10,707 10,707
FWPA R&D Investment Plan for: Fire Performance in residential medium to high density dwellings (EFT Consulting) 11,392 11,392
Benefit-cost analysis for FWPA’s generic marketing investments  (CIE) 75,000 75,000
Timber Flooring Systems market research (Pollinate)  29,000 29,000
Active genetic conservation and utilisation of native radiata pine germplasm - Stage II (STBA) 90,000 78,000