DANA/FWPA Insights & Outlook Conference

Date: 1st September 2016

Venue: Sheraton Melbourne Hotel,  27 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

DANA has previously held several conferences in Melbourne on a variety of topics including the international woodchip trade and the Australian forest industry sector. Previous conferences have been held over two days.

However, this year DANA is delighted to co-organise a one day focused event in Melbourne in partnership with Forest & Wood Products of Australia (FWPA).

DANA has designed a morning session with 7 presentations – all with an international theme and with a number of overseas speakers. FWPA has designed the afternoon session providing a linkage to the morning session by focusing on important and topical subjects for the Australian forest industry sector and how wider international events may impact on the domestic industry.

This unique one day event combines the strengths and experience of DANA, which has organised/co-organised more than 25 conferences both in Australia and around the world, with the strengths and experience of FWPA which is the services company for the Australian industry (funded by levies on the forest and wood products sector and co-funded by the Australian Government for R&D, education and technolgy transfer).

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