Designing mobile anchors to yield

Cable logging systems require either fixed or mobile anchor support(s) to maintain safe and effective yarding of materials in steep terrain. A new Oregon State University study has outlined an approach, where mobile anchors serve as a tension relief system for a skyline, which may enable safer use of yarding systems.

While fixed archers (stumps and trees) are useful, any excessive cable tension can result in a catastrophic failure. Mobile anchors (heavy equipment like bulldozers or excavators), have an advantage of predictable resisting capacity, due to the mobile anchor’s ability to slide and the subsequent reduction of tension.

The researchers took an analytical approach taking into account factors like cable tension, cable length, anchor capacity, equipment placement and in-situ soil properties. Results were compared to actual field data.

For mobile anchors, a relationship between cable tension and length presents an efficient means of predicting the anchor movement and design safer equipment setbacks.

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Image Credit: FIEA