Enhanced forest inventory practice using immersive visualisation and measurement of dense point cloud data

The aim of this project was to provide Australian commercial forest growers and forest service providers with knowledge of and access to a VR-based visualization software application. 

The project enabling 3D immersive remote assessments of individual trees using dense point cloud data. The primary  question or measure that defined the project is whether forestry field operators could successfully undertake tree stem assessments using forest point clouds data in an immersive VR environment?

The data employed in this project has been separately acquired using both laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques and using a mix University of South Australia projects (FWPA PNC326-131 and PNC377-1516). 

The VR software application is available for public use and testing. 

Please contact Dr. Winyu Chinthammit (winyu.chinthammit@utas.edu.au) to obtain the download link to the software.