Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Australian Timber Products

Wednesday 24th June 11.00 am - 12 noon (AEST)presented by Stephen Mitchell, TDA (NSW) and Jeff Vickers, Thinkstep

It’s time for the timber industry to move beyond claims that “wood is good because it’s wood”. This webinar will discuss newly completed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and how the credible data they contain can be used by FWPA members and LCA practitioners to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using Australian timber to make Australian buildings more sustainable.

Verified EPDs have been produced for the following Australian timber products: sawn hardwood, sawn softwood, particleboard, MDF and plywood. They earn credits under the Green Star sustainable building rating system but also have wider application.  

Join the webinar to understand:

  • Opportunities for the 
  • Australian timber industry in green building markets;
  • The actual information the EPDs impart; and 
  • How the EPDs can be used to obtain recognition for 
  • using Australian timber products in more 
  • sustainable buildings.

Overview of speakers and their presentations:

Stephen Mitchell

Sustainability Programme Manager at Timber Development Association, will discuss the main features of EPDs and market opportunities for Australian timber product suppliers.

Jeff Vickers

Senior Consultant at thinkstep will discuss the key bits of information they convey and benefits for architects, developers and LCA practitioners. 

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