Estimating forest carbon stocks in Australia

Researchers have overcome data and estimation challenges associated with estimating carbon stocks through using simple design-based estimators and a robust ground plot system to protect estimates from bias. 

Reducing uncertainty in forest carbon estimates in Australia has become increasingly important due to climate change. While a wide range of existing approaches to estimating carbon stocks have been developed, a number of data and estimation limitations have been associated with these studies.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne and the NSW Department of Industry used a pragmatic plot-based design strategy to estimate the level of aboveground and belowground carbon stocks within Victoria's National Parks and State Forests. Estimates of carbon stocks and associated uncertainty were conducted using simple design-based estimators.

The study showed significantly more carbon detected in total aboveground and belowground components in State Forests than National Parks. 

Full Report: MDPI Forests

Image credit:  Wikimedia