Evaluation of research expenditure and capacity in forestry and forest products in Australia 2007-2008 and development of research

Expenditure on forestry and forest products research in Australia has been estimated for the 2007/08 year using similar methods to those used in several past assessments and was about $59.6 million and $26.8 million respectively.  In unadjusted dollars, this represents an increase in both areas of research since the last assessment and over the sequence of assessments since 1982.  However, when the estimates were adjusted to a common base of 1982, they indicated general declines in expenditure.  The expenditure was estimated according to broad sectors undertaking research, that is, Commonwealth, State, University and Private and also according to broad research areas.  Research undertaken on native forests and exotic plantations has been generally declining over time whereas that on native plantations is increasing.

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