Formation of Grower Research Advisory Committee

Following the restructured engagement process, FWPA has embedded a new grower-focused voluntary matching program within its operations, off the back of extensive industry consultation.

Over the last 18 months, a number of major growers have worked together to fund a consultation process to determine the level of interest in expanding collaborative R&D within the industry.

The consultation involved a review of research priorities, funding mechanisms and management structures, and has resulted in the decision to embed a new grower-focused voluntary funded program within FWPA's operations.

The Grower Research Advisory Committee will coordinate the participation of major forest growers in collaborative, industry-led research initiatives focusing on areas including forest health and biosecurity, breeding and tree improvement, and herbicide registration and use.

So far, some preliminary research priorities and projects have been identified, with the final scope of the Committee set to remain under ongoing discussion over the remainder of the year.

FWPA is looking to recruit and fund a dedicated program manager to oversee the grower research moving forward.