Frame Australia conference: Building with engineered wood construction systems – June 1 Melbourne

WoodSolutions is the Principal Supporter of the Frame Australia Melbourne conference ‘Building with engineered wood construction systems’ that will host some of the nation’s top designers and builders discussing the benefits of timber in construction.

A key issue for designers and builders is the ability to use prefabricated construction with components built in a controlled environment rather than on the building site, to minimise risk and improve productivity.

This trend has rapidly progressed in a range of capital city developments for medium rise 3 to 5 storeys, and high rise up to 10 storeys.  

Contributors to the discussions will include Sydney architect James Fitzpatrick, Andrew Nieland of Lend Lease, David Waldren, National Executive Design Manager, Grocon Group and Robert Pradolin, General Manager, Business Development, Australand Property Group.

Andrew Dunn of the Timber Development Association noted “the Australian construction industry is actually outpacing other countries in the growth of timber buildings, with some 30 major developments nationally being either planned, or have commenced construction.

 “We see this trend continuing with prefab timber and engineered wood construction systems gathering wide support, and the supply chain expanding to meet the future requirements of builders” he concluded.  

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