FWPA call for project funding proposals to close 15 March.

FWPA invites the submission of detailed research proposals for projects commencing from 1 May 2016 addressing published FWPA industry research priorities. Details of current research priorities can be found in the series of industry investment plans available from the FWPA website.

Each investment plan provides details of industry outcomes expected from successfully completed projects in addition to guidance regarding the level of available FWPA funding within each priority area. FWPA funding of up to 50% of total project costs (cash and in-kind) is available, subject to industry and stakeholder endorsement and co-investment. 

Proposals will be evaluated in consultation with FWPA’s industry advisory groups. Preference will be given to proposals demonstrating significant levels of industry support and co-investment as well as clear articulation of research communication and technology transfer/industry adoption strategies and benefit measures.  

For research funding programs from 2016 onwards FWPA funds research and development projects via two separate funding programs: industry levies; and, matching of voluntary cash contributions.

Industry levies

Funds for projects contracted under this program as sourced from compulsory industry levies received from forest growers, wood processors and timber importers. Expenditures of levy funds on research and development projects are matched 1:1 by the Australian Government in accordance with the Forestry Marketing and Research and Development Services Act 2007.

Matching of voluntary contributions*

For projects funded under the voluntary contributions program, a number of additional requirements must be met by project proponents.

  1. Cash contributions from at least 2 non-related entities must be received by FWPA. A multiparty funding agreement will be entered into by all parties to the project. Voluntary contributions can be matched up to 1:1 with Government funds dependant on program demands.
  2. Cash contributions sourced from either Commonwealth or State Government appropriations to support R&D are not eligible for matching purposes.
  3. Proposed research objectives must align to industry and government research priorities.
  4. Any intellectual property created in projects funded under the voluntary contributions program must be appropriately protected and made accessible to third parties with minimal delay.       

*The regulations providing for matching of voluntary contributions are subject to a disallowance period which is expected to end on 10 May 2016, availability of matching funds for voluntary contributions is also subject to an amendment to the funding agreement between FWPA and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Completed funding proposals, due by Tuesday 15 March 2016, should be submitted to Chris Lafferty at chris.lafferty@fwpa.com.au using the form available from the FWPA website