FWPA’s new online industry image library offers opportunities to source and share

Images can be the key to powerful communications – and now you have access to more than 10,000 in FWPA’s new online library – and the opportunity to promote your products and services by uploading your own images.

The growing use of online communications is making finding and including appropriate images more important than ever. Whether it’s on a website, brochure, email newsletter, news article or advertising - images can boost readership, raise search engine profiles and more.

FWPA’s new online library, located at https://fwpa.imagegallery.me, is an ideal opportunity for companies in the forest and wood products industries to source generic images to use in their own communications or to upload their own images and make them available to other users.

Available images range from plantation and native forestry through to harvesting, milling and processing to wood and wood products. Adding your images to the library is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your business, its products and operations. Eligible images must feature the production or use of wood or wood products and you must own the copyright, or have the right to share them for general use.

The library currently comprises more than 10,000 images, which are searchable by key words and availability. Owing to copyright restrictions, not all images are available for all purposes. 

“The new image library is another way FWPA are making it easier for people and companies to communicate the importance of the forest and wood products industry to a wide range of Australian consumer,” said Eileen Newbury, FWPA’s National Marketing and Communications Manager, “with access to more images – and the ability to upload and share their own – we hope to help raise the standard and impact of industry communications.”

If you have any pictures of wood and wood products in use, especially in outdoor landscaping settings, furniture design and other non-structural applications, FWPA would be delighted to help you share them through the image library.

For more information about using existing images, or to upload your own, please email Grace Davies at grace.davies@fwpa.com.au