Get involved with The Ultimate Renewable™ and help reframe forestry in the eyes of the public!

FWPA thanks industry members for their continued support in sharing the message of The Ultimate Renewable™ brand, and encourages everyone to add their voices to help reframe forestry in the eyes of the public.

The Ultimate Renewable™ brand was developed to reinforce the association between wood and the word ‘renewable’. Simultaneously, the brand promotes timber’s ability to store carbon for the lifetime of the timber product, beyond harvest and processing; flexibility and ease of use; affordability, and the improved wellbeing researchers have found results from incorporating natural materials into the built environment.

Alongside last year’s successful, multi-pronged consumer advertising campaign, a key element of the brand is the universal, positive communications message it has created for the forestry sector to share.

Stakeholders from across the supply chain have continued to enthusiastically incorporate the brand into their own collateral, with 155 companies having downloaded the logo, banner ads and videos for use on everything from letterheads to invoices, websites, truck signage, packaging, and even branded cakes!

“We are thrilled with the sustained efforts of industry in supporting the brand,” said Eileen Newbury, FWPA National Marketing and Communications Manager.

“The response has been exceptional, and it’s a great example of what can be achieved by working together with a united voice. Incorporating The Ultimate Renewable™ assets into your company collateral not only helps further the reach of the brand’s important messages, but also reminds customers of the renewable and sustainable nature of your wood products.”

An important aspect of The Ultimate Renewable™ brand is engagement with consumers of all age groups, especially the younger generation, many of whom are unaware of timber’s inherent benefits and widespread applications.

In order to engage with a younger audience, we recently launched The Ultimate Renewable™ Instagram account. It is being used to effectively demonstrate the varied uses of timber, and the considerable care and pride our industry takes in its work. The account has seen a strong start, with more than 250 followers, lots of engagement and interesting content.

We are keen to use our Instagram presence to share examples of where The Ultimate Renewable™ branding has been successfully and creatively used by industry. If you have used the brand’s visual assets as part of your own collateral, we would love to hear from you.

If you have any other fabulous timber, wood product or forestry related images, we are constantly looking for great visual content, and would love to share examples of work our partners are proud of.

Simply email your photos to and we’ll do the rest!

Meanwhile, we would like to remind members that they can purchase branded merchandise at The Ultimate Renewable™ online store. Distribution to clients can help further spread positive messages about the sustainable nature of forestry. From pens and pencils to coasters, bags, caps, T-shirts and even chopping boards, all items are available at cost price, exclusively for our program partners. Find out more by clicking here.