Hardwood Data Series

Progress is being made with the establishment of the hardwood timber data series. After extensive consultation with the major hardwood saw millers, 9 companies representing just under 50% of monthly timber sales have agreed to participate in the hardwood data series.

An on-line portal has been established to gather data on monthly sales for 66 product categories. To ensure the data can provide valuable time series information contributing companies are in the process of inputting 24 months of historic sales data.

Information is being gathered for product areas including:

  • Appearance and joinery
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Structural products
  • Specialised beams used for engineering and construction applications
  • Outdoor products such as decking, fencing, landscaping
  • Industrial products such as pallets and packaging

The hardwood data series will be available shortly and will provide:

  • Detailed information to contributing companies
  • Higher level information for industry through the FWPA data dashboard
  • General information to the public domain. 

Full datasets will be available to contributing companies, reduced sets will be available to broader industry and the public.