High-speed ‘trees’ generate electricity from wind

Small electromechanical structures that look like trees shaking in a storm could prove to be the next big thing in energy generation. Research announced by the Ohio State University points to the possibility. 

Engineers used mathematical modelling to study realistic ambient vibrations, such as the random motions experienced by the leaves of a tree in high wind. A practical model was built with two thin steel beams, with one serving as the equivalent of a truck and the other a branch. They were connected by polyvinylidene fluoride to convert movement into electrical energy and then vibrated at high speeds, producing up to 2 volts of energy. 

Real-world applications could see renewable power generation from the motion of artificial trees shaken by the wind, the natural sway of a tall building or traffic on a bridge.

Click here for source (Manufacturing.net)

Image Credit: Wedmann via Wikimedia