Impacting Decision Making and Industry Capability

This program helps to ensure that the industry has the skills and systems necessary to support improved decision making throughout the value chain.

While recognising that part of the answer to building capability may lie in recruiting from outside the industry, this program will focus on retaining and leveraging existing knowledge and expertise and strengthening the infrastructure necessary for effective decision making. New approaches to capturing and disseminating accurate, timely and relevant information through both on-line and traditional channels will be explored.

Current and historical research findings will be incorporated into practical tools that can be easily accessed, understood and updated on a regular basis.

Much of the key data required for better decisions that the sector needs resides at the individual company and organisational level. A major focus of the program is to aggregate this information in a confidential manner and then provide it to participants in an accessible and easy to understand format.

The initial focus has been on the provision of national statistics that are publicly provided through a formal partnership with the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). This means FWPA is now in a better position to assist with the strategic improvement of key industry statistics by working with individual segments to identify and aggregate information of key interest.

Targeted information and associated training will be developed to address specific audiences within the value chain to ensure that they have the data readily available to make timely and considered decisions.