Implications of NCC 2016 Changes to Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) for Mid-Rise Timber Buildings on Supply of Sawn Softwood Timber

The aims of this project were to investigate the Australian timber industry’s ability to benefit from the amendment to the NCC in 216, and supply products appropriate for use in timber-framed buildings up to 25 m effective height. It was also provided to equip the Australian timber industry with advice to frame fabricators and designers regarding the sawn timber products that can be readily supplied for use in frames and floors for mid-rise timber buildings. The project does not include finger-jointed M10. 

Given designers can use a number of different engineering solutions to design mid-rise timber buildings. The analysis of national production of sawn timber products from 2015/16 indicates that current levels of supply should be able to accommodate an increase in demand for MGP10 and MGP12 for the following sizes 70x35; 70x45; 90x35; 90x45; 120x35; 140x45; and 190x45. The study noted that discussions between designers and truss and frame fabricators at the design stage can address potential issues of supply. 

Findings Report: