Independent review backs FWPA member value

An independent review with member input has found that FWPA delivers numerous benefits to stakeholders and industry, meets its obligations and demonstrates a firm commitment to continuous improvement as it works to promote the sector.

In reaching their conclusions, external consultants surveyed key industry representatives, reviewed documents and engaged in broad consultation with directors, staff, service providers and members.

The review, which is a requirement of FWPA’s Statutory Funding Agreement (SFA) with the Commonwealth Government, focused on the organisation’s performance between 2012 and 2017, and was conducted by external consultants from GHD Pty Ltd.

The analysis found that:

  • FWPA has met all of its obligations under the SFA and has delivered benefits to levy payers and the industry, including communicating effectively with stakeholders. 
  • There is a high adoption rate within the industry of outputs from FWPA research, and largely positive responses to its engagement, consultation and communication processes.
  • FWPA has addressed and implemented all recommendations from the previous 2011 performance review. 

The Managing Director of FWPA, Ric Sinclair, thanked members for their support and involvement over the last five years.

“Member involvement is crucial in helping us to devote our research, market expansion and wood promotion activities to the areas where they will make the biggest impact,” he said.

Read the full report.