Industry Promotion

Our promotional activities are designed to share the benefits of forest and wood products, especially using wood products from sustainably managed sources in decorative and structural applications.

Activities include specifier communications, and results from FWPA-funded R&D projects and technology transfer activities.

Strategy 1: Priority themes

The priority themes identified in our five year strategic plan are to:

  • Promote the benefits of forests and wood products - with an emphasis on carbon storage, low embodied energy, renewability, reuse and the sustainability of the forest resource
  • Promote the use of forests and wood products and new applications and services over alternatives, in both existing and emerging markets
  • Engage with regulators, standards bodies, opinion leaders and specifiers to maximise the use of wood products

Stakeholder benefits

The company’s investments in generic promotion are designed to deliver the following benefits to stakeholders:

  • Improved market awareness of, and satisfaction with, forest and wood products
  • Increased awareness that consumption of forest and wood products can, if they are substituted for more energy intensive materials, reduce carbon dioxide omissions
  • Increased awareness of sequestration of carbon in the built environment through the carbon stored in wood products