Industry Statistics

FWPA is developing opportunities to improve the way we collect industry statistics. This work focuses on four key areas:

  • Information to support / improve commercial operations;
  • Information to support investment decisions;
  • Safety; and
  • Socioeconomic data.

The following table shows the statistical sets.

Issues Summary

1. Information to support/improve commercial operations

  • Production Measures
    • Harvesting/Log Deliveries
    • Mill Production/Sales
    • Inventories
  • Trade Measures
    • Imports/Exports
  • Market Activity Measures
    • Pricing Trends
    • Product Usage/Consumption forecasts
  • Operational Competitiveness

2. Information to support investment decisions

  • Forest Base
  • Local and Regional Wood Flows
  • Market Trends
  • Emerging Products
3. Safety

Establish baseline benchmark safety statistics eg

  • Incidence Rates
  • Frequency Rates
  • Median Time Lost from Work
4. Socio-Economic Data

Establish baseline benchmark safety statistics eg

  • Employment (Regional, State)
  • Industry Value Add

Most of the statistical information we require is located with individual companies/operators. To access this, we work with FWPA members and stakeholders to gather information via confidential online data portals. This information is then aggregated and interpreted every month and shared with industry in the following month.

Our aim is to provide participants with accurate and current information on their operating environment so they can make more effective commercial decisions and more informed long term investment decisions.

In conjunction with industry stakeholders, the FWPA has established data aggregation programs in the following areas:

Softwood Data Series

This tracks monthly softwood timber sales for 14 participating companies and covers more than 80% of the market. Data is aggregated by:

  • Volume
  • Weighted Average Price
  • Performance Benchmarking

Hardwood Data Series

This series tracks monthly hardwood timber sales for 11 participating companies and covers over half the market. Data is aggregated by:

  • Volume
  • Weighted Average Price

Growers Data Series

The Growers Data Series tracks quarterly logs sales from 20 participating forest growers, and covers all forest sectors including native forest, softwood plantation and hardwood plantation. Data is aggregated by:

  • Volume
  • Weighted Average Price
  • Performance Benchmarking

Safety Data Series

This series aggregates a series of lead and lag safety indicators for:

  • Growers
  • Processors

Accessing Aggregated Data

Contributing companies can access all aggregated data generated so they can compare their own company activities with the industry position for specific timber products or log grades.

Higher-level information is available for industry participants through the FWPA data dashboard. More general (public) information is available on this website.

Data Dissemination

The FWPA publishes a monthly e-newsletter, Statistics Count, which gives a snapshot of key industry drivers and broader economic information. Higher-level industry level information and public information is also available through the FWPA interactive data dashboard.