Interest soars in wood solutions for mid-rise buildings

The WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Program (MAP) team has been busy with an increasing number of enquiries and project discussions on larger mid-rise scale residential proposals, as well as exploring the use of engineered timber for the expansion of large existing retail complexes.

The team comprises engineering, construction and property specialists who provide free advice about the benefits of timber framing and massive timber building systems in mid-rise projects.

MAP receives funding from the federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and 22 industry sponsors.

The MAP team provides ongoing support, including referrals to a number of suppliers of engineered timber and advice on optimising the engineered products and systems available. For example, the MAP team is currently assisting the developer of 19 Merivale St South Brisbane with its proposed 15-storey building. 

An innovative educational tool is being developed in the form of a full-scale, three-storey Mid-rise Demonstration building at Holmesglen Institute, Chadstone. The demonstration building is due for completion in mid-October and will be launched at our AGM. 

The Mid-rise Demonstration building will be invaluable for builders and consultants to use in explaining the principles of engineered timber construction to staff and clients.  

Holmesglen Institute is also planning to use the demonstration building in its courses. This will assist in familiarising trade students with timber systems. 

The MAP team also reached out to industry with a very successful symposium in Melbourne recently. The symposium attracted a record attendance of more than 300 people. 

The professional mix of about 26% architects and 34% engineers was the reverse of the last symposium. FWPA is encouraged that these two key construction professions now seem to be more aligned in their interest and understanding of engineered timber as a design alternative.

For more information on the WoodSolutions MAP program, please contact Mr Gerry Neylan on (03) 9927 3200.