Matched research funding available

If you’ve got a collaborative research project that needs funding, then FWPA may be able to help – with matched funding available under a deal the FWPA negotiated with the Federal Government. 

Funding opportunities for industry research projects are available under a program that FWPA has with the Federal Government. 

Industry researchers are invited to apply for a share of $1.3 million voluntary matched funding available for the 2017-18 financial year, with further funding of $1.6 million per year over successive financial years. 

Limited funds are also available up to $100,000 for research projects commencing in 2016/17 subject to the third party funds also being received by 30 June 2017.  

To be eligible for dollar-for-dollar matching funding, projects need to:

  • Have voluntary cash contributions from at least two unrelated companies, where the money contributed has not originally come from Federal or State Government funding
  • Align to industry and government research priorities
  • Make intellectual property created available to the industry at the project’s completion – there is no requirement to make availability free of charge
  • Not constitute cost-shifting i.e. it must be additional activity not research a company would have carried out in any event

For more information, Please contact Chris Lafferty, R&D Manager,