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As a not-for-profit industry services company, Forest and Wood Products Australia is funded by the Federal Government, member levies and research grants. All timber industry government levy payers are entitled to free membership of FWPA, which works to grow the industry through research & development, market development and information services.

There are more than 180 full and associate member companies of FWPA. We provide them and their employees with best-practice and leading-edge tools and resources, as well as access to useful information. We also offer numerous opportunities to collaborate on projects.



Full Membership

As an FWPA levy payer, you are encouraged to apply to become a voting member of your industry services company. Over 130 small and large organisations from all sectors of the industry are now active members and collectively they represent more than 90% of the sector by volume.

As a voting member, you can contribute to the future direction and prosperity of the Australian forest and wood products industry. You will have the opportunity to vote at Annual General Meetings, nominate candidates for board vacancies and be eligible to sit on our Advisory Groups. In today’s market, wood competes with other materials for its share of resources – including product purchasing, R&D, investment and more. The role of FWPA is to work with stakeholders to identify and deliver collaborative programs that improve the competitiveness, and market and community acceptance, of forest and wood products.

To become a member of FWPA see application form for details.

Associate Membership

If your organisation is involved with the forest and wood products industry, you are invited to become an associate member of FWPA. There is a $500 annual fee for this membership.

As an Associate Member of FWPA, you will be entitled to: contribute to the development and implementation of FWPA’s strategies by participating in Advisory Groups and your company can have a supplier listing on the WoodSolutions website and an account to access the WoodSolutions online knowledge base –

To become an associate member of FWPA see application form for details.


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