Mobile scanner game changer for forestry management

A small, lightweight mobile laser scanning device is proving a boon for forestry resource management.

Successful trials of the ZEB1 hand held scanner by Scion’s Forest Systems staff has demonstrated the means to accurately locate and measure the lower stems of individual trees in more detail than is possible using aerial LiDAR (Light Detection and Radar).

The ZEB1, developed by UK-based company 3D Laser Mapping, has the ability to scan and provide spatial locations for individual trees within a stand where GPS is not available. When comparing this to current terrestrial laser scanning technology, research leader Dave Pont says the device is a game changer for the forestry industry.

The novel SLAM, or Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping, technology behind ZEB1 is based on sophisticated algorithms that generate a point cloud, or a set of 3D data points. These data can then be used to generate such things as 3D models or visualisation. 

For Dave and other research teams at Scion, the mobile device shows real potential to have practical applications in forestry.  

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Photo credit Scion