New and Completed Projects

FWPA’s RD&E program invests in projects in the three areas of a) Market Access and Development, b) Wood Products and c) Sustainability & Resources. 

The projects and their resultant outcomes are published on the FWPA website. Listed below are some recently completed projects and their associated links.


New Projects

Project (Research Provider) FWPA invests Total budget
Understanding timber design life and durability (Pollinate) 82,000 82,000
Production Forest Methodologies for the Emissions Reduction Fund NSW DPI) 140,000 531,050
Improving returns from Southern Pine plantations through innovative resource characterisation (USC) 690,000 2,472,502
The potential for durable “box-heart” posts from  intensively managed hardwood plantations in southern Victoria  (Heartwood Plantations)
28,750 57,000
Pine drought mortality: predicting risk and providing adaptation strategies (CSIRO) 108,806 254,352

Completed Projects

Project No. Project Title
PNC288-1112 The extent and causes of decline in productivity from first to second rotation blue gum plantations
PNC246-1112 Matching Genotypes to Current and Future Production Environments to Maximise Radiata Pine Productivity and Profitability
PNC228-1011 Adaptation strategies to manage risk in Australia’s plantations
PRA348-1415 Increasing deemed to satisfy height limits for timber construction Cost benefit analysis