New low odour LOSP treatment world first

Timberlink Australia is the first in the world to offer a new Low Odour LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) treatment that has up to 30 times less odour than traditional LOSP formulations. 

“We believe new low odour Timberlink Green is one of the most innovative timber products released in Australia for some years. It has all the benefits of conventional LOSP treated product, but without the typical odour,” states Dr. David Humphrey, Asia Pacific Research & Development Manager for Arch Wood Protection.

LOSP has become Australia’s preferred treatment for H3 outdoor treated timber with its dimensional stability and consistent appearance. It also had no complicated usage restrictions attached to it making it ideal for all above ground outdoor building applications such as pergolas and deck substructures. However the distinct odour associated with traditional LOSP treated timber can make storage, handling and usage of the product a negative experience for some customers and end-users.

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Photo: TimberLink