New Projects – August 2016

Recently contracted projects: 

Project (Research Provider) FWPA invests Total budget

Levies Funded Project

Implications of NCC2016 changes to DTS for 25m timber buildings on supply of sawn timber (TimberED Services Pty Ltd) 27,000 27,000
Identification of target project for timber use (Navire) 39,040 39,040
Study the influence of perpendicular to grain compression and creep in 4 to 8 Storey Lightweight Timber Framed Buildings (TDA) 162,000 212,000
Control and manage the moisture content of logs and biomass to maximise benefits along the wood supply chain (AFORA) 150,000 589,000
Lifting farmgate profitability through high value modular agroforestry (DEP AG/ CSIRO) 80,000 1,158,674
AgVet Collaborative Forum (RIRDC) 9,000 24,000
Data and innovation services (Vixier Pty Ltd) 20,000 20,000
Primary Industries’ Social Licence to Operate: A proposal to evaluate the potential benefits from research, and options for research delivery  (Gordon Duff Consulting) 33,200 33,200
Increasing the value of under-utilised forest resources through the development of advanced engineered wood products  (QDAFF) 245,000 1,036,545
Single step genes into TREEPLAN (STBA) 677,000 1,444,813
Australian Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Wood Chips (USC) 9,500  9,500

Voluntary Matching Scheme

Baseline acoustic testing of CLT wall and floor systems (TDA)



Koala Survey -  UAV (Kingfisher  Data Services)



Utilisation of plantation harvest waste material for pharmaceutical applications (Quality Matters Safety Matters Pty Ltd)

30,627 61,254
Industry wide application of advanced breeding tools and systems – Tree Breeding Australia (STBA)  969,043 1,938,085
Establishing a comprehensive and accessible permanent growth plot dataset – a pilot study using radiata pine plantations in the Green Triangle Region 63,000 126,600