New titan brick is environmentally friendly

A new exterior building material has emerged from the U.S.A that manufacturers say is stronger than concrete blocks, cheaper than timber in almost every way and is better for the environment than conventional bricks. 

The Titan Brick is made of 90% dirt that has been waterproofed with non-toxic chemicals and, because it does not have to be fired, requires 90% less energy to produce than conventional bricks.

The US manufacturer claims many advantages for its invention, as the high thermal mass and a heat resistant coating combines to give it an R-20 insulating rating. That alone can cut the energy costs of a building made with Titan Brick by 50% or more.

The building block is two and half times stronger than concrete block and is fire resistant up to 982 degrees Celsius. It also is mold and mildew resistant, able to withstand winds up to 386 km/hour and can tolerate flood waters better than conventional building materials.

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Photo: Titan Brick