New video series shedding light on the many facets of forestry

In an effort to counter public misconceptions around forestry, a new WoodSolutions video series has been launched.

The InFocus series — comprising digestible videos between 8 and 13 minutes long — features industry representatives translating complex information about the various stages of the forestry, and design and build supply chain into plain language. The goal is to create genuine engagement by presenting information in a personal and relatable way.

Topics include hardwood and softwood plantations and forests, prefabrication, future technologies, wood science, the importance of timber in rural economies and much more.

The first video in the series provides insights into the art and science of growing wood, beyond simply placing a seedling into the ground.

Viewers will discover how growing trees and producing timber is a complex, finely tuned process, involving everything from genetics to the latest sensor technology.

You can watch The Art and Science of Growing Wood by clicking here.

The second video takes a look at how laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is produced, charting the journey from forest to factory, as well as considering why this material has become such a popular choice for use in an increasing range of structural applications.

Click here for the full video.

“We’re really excited about the launch of the InFocus video series. They look amazing, with captivating imagery, and fascinating insights into the diverse and complex world that is the forest and wood products industry,” said Eileen Newbury, National Program Manager for WoodSolutions and National Marketing and Communications Manager at FWPA.

“Our industry is filled with wonderful stories, and by telling them in this way we can demonstrate the many advantages of forestry and wood products and ensure viewers understand its vital importance to Australia.”