Opportunities for using sawmill residues in Australia 2013

The saw mill industry in Australia generates large volumes of wood residue in the form of chip, bark and sawdust and understandably it is keen to use this to increase revenue streams.  In 2007 the Carnot Group was engaged by Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA), on behalf of the industry, to examine options for producing revenues from sawmill residues.  This report (PR08.2046) provides an update to the first edition.

The aim of this report is to identify opportunities for using residues from normal sawmill activities, predominantly focusing on hardwood mills. In Australia, hardwood mills are generally small scale and scattered around the country. The softwood mills are generally larger and more commonly integrated with other wood processing facilities.

Opportunities of interest will yield economic benefit either for a specific business or a collective. Economic benefits may involve reduction in operating costs, through the provision of cheaper heat and/or electricity, or new revenue streams, by value adding to wood residues.

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