Packaging grade sales up 4.1% – off the chart (literally)

Sales of domestically produced softwood Packaging grades lifted 4.1% over the year-ended August 2019, totalling 570,874 m3. The result has quite literally pushed the annualised line off the chart, with the Packaging grade the only significant sawn softwood product to experience growth over the year.

The chart displays the details for sales of the Packaging grade, which includes ‘Industrial Wet, Cut of Log Sawn (dry), Industrial Wides & Other’

Fig 9

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YE Aug '18

YE Aug '19

% Change (2018-2019)






As we have commented elsewhere in this edition of Statistics Count, the relative growth of sales of the Packaging grade over the last year appears to have something to do with the absence of import competition for it, compared with the other main grades.

But it is not the relativity that matters most here. It is the absolute strength of sales and their long-term growth – shown annualised for August since 2002 – that is of most interest.


Fig 10

To go straight to the dashboard and take a closer look at the data, click here.


In aggregate, over the decade to August 2019, annualised sales have lifted more than 90%, from 300,431 m3 year-ended August 2009, to 570,874 m3 year-ended August 2019. That amounts to a very healthy average 6.6% per annum increase in reported sales.*

Packaging grades are an increasingly important element of the Australian sawn softwood experience. Over the last year, they accounted for 20.2% of total sales and probably deserve more attention than typically they receive.


*The usual caveats apply, including that the number of companies reporting has changed over time and has generally increased the volumes