Prefab building makes for sustainable homes of all sizes

Prefab building techniques are being used to develop sustainable dwelling places at both ends of the size scale. As the market becomes increasingly mindful of environmental issues, prefabricated building solutions are acquiring greater prominence because of their heightened efficiency and convenience.

A key example of this is a new concept design released by German firm Weingartner Architects for a prefabricated high-rise apartment building made primarily from timber.

The Woodscraper II concept consists of nine sparely designed "sky cubes" stacked on top of each other in a slightly staggered pattern and held in place via cantilevering from a central concrete core.

The tower would reach a height of up to 200 metres and be capable of accommodating over 300 residents. The sky cubes would be prefabricated on the ground first for increased convenience and reduced cost, and only installed upon their cantilevered positions around the core following payment.

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Photo: Sourceable