Production Forest Methodologies for the Emissions Reduction Fund

This FWPA funded project, entitled Production Forest Methodologies for the Emissions Reduction Fund (PNC354-1415), sought to capture opportunities under ERF for forest managers and wood processors in both the native forest and plantation sectors through the development of a suite of GHG reduction methodologies including through: 

  1. Carbon sequestration in long-rotation plantations;
  2. Carbon sequestration through the retention of plantations established on economically marginal sites which are under threat of conversion into agricultural lands;
  3. Carbon storage in harvested wood products (HWPs);
  4. Use of biomass from forest harvest operations and wood processing facilities to generate bioenergy;
  5. Increasing carbon stocks in forests through enhanced forest management; and
  6. Reduced emissions through bushfire prevention.

Summaries of the actual methods development of the project are provided, along with observations of the process, recommendations and Future Opportunities.

Findings report: