Project launched to 3D print houses with cellulose

While the construction industry today depends a great deal on the use of wood and wood products, researchers in Sweden may be able to change the entire landscape of construction via a unique 3D printing technology.

The +Project is a new research venture based at Sliperiet in the Umea Arts Campus. Researchers aim to produce cellulose-based 3D printable materials which can be used to print everything from walls within a home, to simple weather-stripping, doors and even entire houses.

“There is already technology in place to print parts of houses in concrete, for instance,” explains Linnéa Therese Dimitriou, Creative Director at Sliperiet. “Now, with this project, the region is one step closer to the front edge in the area of digital manufacturing and so-called mass-customisation. This opens up for incredibly exciting future opportunities for the regional forest and construction industry as well as for regional raw material.”

The +Project looks to target industries within the wood and construction sectors, as well as within design, architecture and IT.

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Photo: 3DPrint