Open Call for Proposals to advance research, development or extension (RD&E) of benefit to Australia’s commercial forest growers

September 2022


Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) invites RD&E proposals to advance research of benefit to the Australia’s commercial forest growers, aligned with one or more of FWPA’s programs:

Program 3 – Assisting value chain optimisation

Program 4 – Increasing resource availability and reducing risk

Program 5 – Impacting decision-making and industry capability

FWPA’s forestry research, development and extension (RD&E) Investment Plans were developed in consultation with Australia’s commercial forest growers to inform investment in RD&E activities. From the investment Plans, the Priority Topics were identified as the key targets for investment.

RD&E priorities

Proposals must either:

  1. Advance one or more Priority Topics identified in the Investment Plans, or
  2. Advance RD&E outside of the Priority Topics where the prospective researcher can demonstrate significant support by Australia’s commercial forest growers.

Please note that FWPA is not calling for proposals that address the research topics in the Genetics investment plan at this time.

Successful proposals will reflect an understanding of the context and issues around the research topic as it impacts the sector. For context and background on the Priority Topics, refer to the relevant Investment Plan or Plans.

Successful proposals will reflect an understanding of the current status of knowledge in relation to Priority Topics. A list of relevant recent and current projects funded or supported through FWPA is available.

Please note that there is no requirement to seek financial commitment from growers at this time. However, in-kind commitments and letters of support that demonstrate the proposed work is of value to growers will be considered during proposal evaluation (see Process and timing section below).

Term and commencement

Proposals are invited for projects of up to three (3) years’ duration and commencing in either 2022/23 or 2023/24. If it is demonstrated by the proposal that a longer duration is warranted, projects of up to five years may also be considered.

Process and timing

To facilitate engagement with growers, a two-stage process will be used:

Stage 1: Submission of Part A of the proposal

Applicants are required to complete and submit Part A of the proposal, by 5pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time – AEDT) Thursday 13 October 2022 by emailing grants@fwpa.com.au

Submission of Part A’s as a first stage aims to increase the level of collaboration amongst growers and between growers and research providers; and will also inform the particular types of expertise needed by the Scientific Advisory Panel to evaluate the suite of proposals expected to be submitted.

FWPA will advise Grower members through the Grower Research Advisory Committee of the proposals in preparation by providing access to the Part A submissions. FWPA will offer growers the opportunity to be involved in proposal development, to ensure it is aligned with industry needs.

By providing a Part A submission, the applicant agrees to FWPA sharing the information contained in the submission.

FWPA will acknowledge receipt of the Part A submissions but will neither formally accept nor reject proposals at this stage.

FWPA will notify applicants of contact details of growers interested in participating in proposal development, by 21 October 2022. Applicants should engage with those growers in further developing the proposal.

Stage 2: Full proposal

Applicants may submit a full proposal that expands on the Part A submission. Proposals must use FWPA’s Project Application 2022form. All fields are required to be completed. Appendix 1 of the Project Application 2022 form contains additional important information, which must be read in conjunction with this Call for Proposals.

Full proposals must be submitted by emailing to grants@fwpa.com.au by 12 noon (Australian Eastern Daylight Time – AEDT) on 16 November 2022.

Review by the Scientific Advisory Panel – all full proposals will be evaluated by the Executive Committee of the Grower Research Advisory Committee and FPWA’s Scientific Advisory Panel. Applicants will have opportunity to respond to questions and comments from the Scientific Advisory Panel between early December and late January, which may include an invitation to meet virtually with the Panel if required.

Applicants will be notified whether their proposal has been successful by early March 2023.

If you would like to discuss this call for proposals, please contact FWPA’s Forest Research Manager, Jodie Mason, on (+61) 427 357867 or Jodie.mason@fwpa.com.au.