Prototype of hybrid technology chipper

Comminuting ,the size reduction of wood biomass from its initial form into fine particles, is an important element of forest fuel supply procurement, improves transport economy and is essential when feeding modern biomass boilers. The world’s first full hybrid wood chipper offers a number of operational advantages over conventional chippers and could play an important part in future activities.

This joint study between the Finnish Forest Research Institute, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Sweden’s Skogforsk, tested the new hybrid technology chipper, Kesla C 860 H, with pulpwood and logging residues. Productivity, fuel consumption, quality of the chips and noise of the chipping operation was measured and analysed. 

During time studies, both the chipper and hybrid system were working well. The truck mounted chipper was capable of operating in a constricted roadside landings. Chip quality was also good and suitable for demanding users having residential small‐scale boilers. 

The study confirms that chipping time consumption is inversely proportional to engine power. With the right hybrid system design, a small diesel engine combined with a hybrid system could perform as good as a larger displacement diesel without hybrid, as long as it is capable of meeting the same short term power demands.

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