Real-time production planning tools for sawmills

Modern day sawmill machine centres collect vast amounts of information about logs, lumber, breakdown solutions, downtime, productivity and more. This has not made life any simpler for mill managers. In fact, it has become more difficult to keep track of whether the technologies are being utilised properly or not, especially as machines are now much too fast for visual inspection.

Current machine-level optimisers are applied to machine centres but they lack a coordinating "command centre" that ensures they are working in unison to maximise sawmill production. Opportunities exist to utilise this information to identify problems and to improve production and value recovery in real-time.

A current project from the Canadian research organisation, FPInnovations set out to develop real-time production planning tools for sawmills to evaluate the current state of production and to identify and rectify production issues quickly. Two software tools have been developed to date: a real-time target volume monitoring tool, and a real-time historic production tracking tool.

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Photo: Holzindustrie Schweighofer