Report highlights critical areas in pellet making process

FutureMetrics released a new report highlighting several critical areas in the process of making wood pellets. Although the process appears simple and straightforward, author and senior consultant John Swaan said the reality is far more complex.

Swaan stated in the paper, “the apparent simplicity of the process has caused many project developers to fail to incorporate the knowledge, skills and, most importantly, the wisdom gained from experience into the plant designs and operations protocols.”

The white paper provides a checklist with some of the more common areas that Swaan said turn into project show stoppers or margin minimisers. The areas identified include the importance of a well-crafted fibre strategy and fibre preparation, the importance of the process flow and technical design, the importance of operations management and a properly trained operations team, and the importance of logistics.

Click here for source (Biomass Magazine)

Photo: Biomass Magazine