Review of Alternative Pine Species for Low-Rainfall Zones of Australia

A review was conducted of pine species with potential for application in plantation forestry on ‘low-rainfall’ sites in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Here ‘low-rainfall’ sites are defined as sites that experience rainfall lower than the traditional sites for growing commercial pine plantations with Pinus radiata in southern and western Australia, and P. caribaea and P. elliottii hybrids in Queensland.

The expansion of pine plantations into marginal, low-rainfall environments will need to utilise genetic diversity extant within Australia. In addition to P. brutia, P. halepensis and P. pinaster, the review identified a number of species of potential interest either as pure species or hybrids on marginal sites throughout Australia, including: P. ayachuite, P. canariensis, P. eldarica, P. greggii, P. leiophylla, P. maximinoi, P. pinea and P. taeda.

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